Hard Drive Diagnostic Remove Failed – Hard Drive Diagnostic Uninstall Guide

Hard Drive Diagnostic Remove Failed – Hard Drive Diagnostic Uninstall Guide
Do you have troubles in uninstalling Hard Drive Diagnostic and reinstall a new one? If this is the case you have then here is the final solution with easy instruction for you to completely uninstall and delete Hard Drive Diagnostic from your computer.

First of all, to ensure a safe removal of application on computer, you have to quit all the related programs of Hard Drive Diagnostic that are running on your system. If that is too difficult to accomplish, you can restart computer and boot it into safe mode by keep pressing F8 from the startup.

Then Uninstall Hard Drive Diagnostic from Your Computer with Windows Uninstall Wizard.
1 – Go to Start, and click on All Programs.
2- Scroll down the list and right click Hard Drive Diagnostic
3- Click Uninstall Hard Drive Diagnostic option to start the removal
2 – Go to your control panel.
3 – Click on the Add/Remove program icon.
4 – You’ll see a big list of programs that are installed on your computer. Select the Hard Drive Diagnostic.
5 – Click uninstall, and confirm that you want to remove Hard Drive Diagnostic.

If this method 1 failed, another method that you can perform is to simply go to the directory where the program has been installed into and click on the Hard Drive Diagnostic folder to select uninstall.

What to Do If You Couldn’t Uninstall Hard Drive Diagnostic?

However, the direct uninstall of the directory usually fails as the Hard Drive Diagnostic is leaving multiple entries in computer registry. To complete uninstall of the directory, they need to be removed too but it is highly risky and not recommended.

The smart choice to uninstall Hard Drive Diagnostic is to use a professional uninstaller that can uninstall software by the three ways above. Also the removal software will scan your registry for any leftover files and your drivers after that.